The Baddog’s, also known as Gary and Megan Bennett are first class Wild West Performers.  The Baddog’s Wild West Shows and Rodeo Acts feature their award winning trick horses and a myriad of Wild Western style talents.  In any given show you may see whip artistry, gun spinning, trick roping, western style singing, dancing, comedy routines, stunt fighting, magic tricks, fire whips, explosions, trick riding, horses jumping through a ring of fire, trick shooting, over the top excitement and people having as much fun as they ever have with their duds on!  You’ll know you are watching a Baddog show when you hear the roaring of the crowd and see the smiles on every face in the stands.  Check out these video clips taken from some of their shows…

The Baddog’s will customize a Wild West Show or Rodeo Act specifically to fit your event’s needs and your budget.  Show times and routines are flexible and can be customized for your specific venue.  Only have a small stage?  No Problem!  The Baddog’s are professional performers and are accustomed to producing quality entertainment with minimal resources.  Give them a call and see what they can do for you or your corporation.


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