Gary Baddog Bennett offers horse training in multiple disciplines.  The“Baddog”,  start colts and put tune ups on older horses who have had time off or are misbehaving. Baddog  specialize in making Cowboy Mounted Shooting Horses (The Baddog’s have 27 World and National Championship Wins in Cowboy Mounted Shooting. Baddog is also training horses for ACTHA (American Competitive Trail Horse Association) competition horses, trick horses, fixing problem horses, starting horses over fences and Super Safe willing and lovable trail horses.              They produce confident, solid and safe trail horses for all levels of riders.  Baddog use Natural Horsemanship; this means they train with the psychology of the horse in mind with the intent to help the horse to understand, not merely submit.  The Baddog’s refer to themselves as equine teachers rather than trainers. He strive to help each horse and rider team reach its full potential, no matter what their chosen discipline.  Baddog values the spirit of the horse and preserve each individuals character at all cost.  Team Baddog’s training fundamentals are based in the teachings of many great horsemen including:  Ray Hunt, Tom Dorrance, Monte Foreman, Buck Branaman, Janiece Wilson, Clinton Anderson, and Pat Parelli. Gary and Megan are both students of the horse and are continuously tweaking their methods. Each horse is viewed as an individual and as such they believe each deserves a customized and flexible training plan designed with the owner’s specific goals in mind. Please enjoy this website, and stop by to meet them in person when you’re in the area!  The Baddog’s have two facilities, Sunset Ranch, located in Buckeye, Arizona, for the winter and The Baddog Training Facility in northern AZ where the Deer and the Antelope (and Elk, Javelina, Bear) play for the summer.




Partner was a four year old problem child when he came in to Sunset Ranch on consignment to be sold.  He needed lots of help before he was ready to be sold under the Sunset Ranch name.  He set back, attacked other horses under saddle, refused to go forward and was a major spook on the trails.  He needed a major attitude adjustment but was a really nicely bred animal!  Because he had so much potential they bought him themselves.  He has been sold just months after winning the SASS World Championship.

Bullet was an older horse who was riddeled with anxiety.  He could not walk quietly, he was rushy and could not compete in Mounted Shooting anymore due to his MAJOR issues going into gates.  He is currently trail riding in Flagstaff and training for Cowboy Dressage with his new owners.  What a good boy!

This is Ethan a 3 year old Morgan gelding.  Ethan came in for a colt start.  We took this video on day 26.  He is a very good boy don’t you think?