Hi Megan and Gary!

I purchased Pete from you in December and just wanted to let you know how great he is doing.  He fits in my family perfectly and is my 3-year old daughters best friend.  He loves giving her rides as he does minimal work and then gets over treated.  He gets along with everyone in the barn so he gets a ton of turn out time with other horses.  Since I’m still a beginner, I have Jody (my trainer) work with him 2x per week, plus my normal lesson.  He tries to take advantage of me being a beginner sometimes but we are slowly working that out.  Haha.  I’ve attached a few pictures of him and my daughter :)   
Thanks again for everything and I hope your doing well!


Baddog, Megan

As I reflect back over the past year its hard to believe that at 51 I had never been on a horse before then I met Gary and Megan Bennett and now my life has changed.I want to thank you for everything you have done for me over the past 7 months. I started riding and training for mounted shooting in  February, 2012 and in June attended my first shoot where there were 7 shooters in my class all with many shoots behind them and I won second place. Since then I have been in 8 other events where I was third in my class at World for SASS, and Reserve winner for ACMSA State 2012 and have 6 other first place wins this year in my division of Senior Level 1. My first place win on December 2, 2012 qualified me to move up to Senior Level 2, plus I have won 5 silver bullets over the course of the year. I could not have accomplished this without going to your world class facility at Sunset Ranch, being dedicated to Baddog training classes, group clinics, plus the humor and passion you bring to the sport.This past weekend will be memorable one for my family since Katryna my 15 year old daughter, who also trains at Sunset Ranch won her first ACMSA event at the Dare to Dream Shootout too. How awesome for a father and daughter win on the same day! Thank you for everything! 
Mike Eastwood
Go Team Baddog!
December 2012
I have spent my whole life buying horses because of how pretty they were. I always told myself that I could just send them to a trainer…funny how that never actually happens. I ended up having more horse accidents than I can count, which in turn stole away every ounce of confidence I had in my riding abilities. Gary and Megan were recommended to me years ago for mounted shooting clinics, so I thought I would reach out to them and see if they could help. I told Gary about my mare and how special she was to me, but I just knew that her and I were not a good match. He said that he would trade Kitt y for a mare named “Baby” (which was later changed to Maddie). I brought her home, and nervously mounted for our first ride together. After a few rounds in the pasture, I took her out on a small trail by my house. It was AMAZING! I didn’t feel afraid, I wasn’t nervous…I had confidence again, because I knew that this was a quality horse that would take care of me. Gary and Megan, you have given me the greatest gift of all. I can finally enjoy riding horses again :) Thank you for everything that you have done for me (and Kitty). Should I ever be in need of a horse again, you will be the first to hear from me!
Many Blessings,
Cailey Hyde
December 2012
A year ago I brought this horse to Sunset Ranch for a month, Megan put it on the English aids for me and Gary tried to teach me ever so patiently to ride it, even basic cantering was a struggle! What a difference a year makes! Thanks guys you got us started and I’d say that we do pretty well now, a year later with no additional training too, but a ton of work for just the two of us!
Mariya Zhev
October, 2012

I wanted to thank you again for what you do. You truly make a difference in people’s lives just being you. My mother’s home burnt down last Feb. She lost everything, including her dog, 3 cats, and one of her horses. Her and my stepfather only had the clothes on their backs when my sisters and I moved them from the White Mountains to the Oracle area to live. Since then, she has been depressed to say the least and I have never seen her smile since that day cold day in February. I had to drag her to the horse expo last September in an attempt to get her out of the house, but when she watched your show —she found her smile, then a miracle occurred and she laughed. All she could talk about that night was your show and how wonderful it was and how she couldn’t wait to see it again on Sunday. I know I spoke to you briefly on Sunday, but I wanted you to know again how much this has meant to me. She has since been going out of the house, she has been doing things again, she still talks about your show, and she hung the signed photograph you gave me up in her home. A million thanks to what you do. It has truly made a difference in her life. She not only found her smile that day, but she has found her will to start living again. Thank you.
Tracie Gregg
October, 2012

“We all (3 of us) got so much out of it.  I felt it was welcoming, very organized, well run and systematic.  I did not expect Scooter and I to advance as we did (yeah, right – for me, anyhow).  I would definitely, without a doubt recommend you highly to others.  I did observe, even with your deadlines and need for order, both you and Megan made all of us feel important and you were responsive with each question/query.  I liked the critiquing – it was honest – the good skills we did and Thank you, the day was very worthwhile, and a pleasure!
Lynn Brunetto
September, 2012
“Pen Job”

OK….WHERE DO I BEGIN? Let’s first start with this…have you ever gone to the doctor and just wished the doctor would take the time to answer your questions? And then feel so amazing when you get a doctor that FINALLY gets its and listens and acts like he/she cares?! Well that describes the feeling I had for 4 hours…literally…the direction was precise yet direct while at the same time not making me feel like an idiot for things that should seem so simple for someone who has been riding for a while. Megan Burke Bennett and Gary Bennett worked exquisitely together and were so focused on MAKING SURE it would STICK with Epona before ever moving on to the next thing. I felt like a girl being pampered in a nail salon, or getting a massage, where all the attention was on MY HORSE and ME for 4 hours! It was HEAVEN for me because I learned so much about things that I have missed along the way that have greatly impacted Epona’s inability to be saddled, walk over tarps, and MY inability to ride correctly thus confusing a horse, especially a new horse! POINT IS…Megan and Gary are so good it’s mind boggling. How did the MEGA SESSION GO??? SIMPLY PUT….A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.


Jeanie here…with Jagger. I still have him…it will be a year mid-January. He is perfect for me, as you said he would be. Love him!
Happy Trails!

 Love to have your feedback/testimonial!


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