Gary “BadDog” Bennett is a 18 time World and National Class Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter, a professional Wild West Entertainer, Model, Movie Stuntman and an (IPRA) International Professional Rodeo Association Barrel Man.  Baddog specialty acts have won him the title of Comedy Act of the Year in 2005 and Reserve Specialty Act of the Year in 2006.  Baddog has his own line of Saddles & Tack called Baddog Gear. Baddog trains humans and trick animals of all kinds.  He has trained buffalo, long horn cattle, dogs, donkeys, zebu, and of course, horses.  Baddog trains animals both for himself and for other performers.  You may have seen some of his trained animals on TV!  Gary and his trick horse Blue Eyed Jack have performed all over the US, RFD-TV and Baddog even got to go to Hawaii.  While Baddog is not performing, he is training new shooting horses and working with the difficult horses who come in from all over the US and Canada for training.  Baddog is known to be able to fix the un-fixable horse problem. Come check him out at the next Wild West Show or Mounted Shooting competition or clinic near you!




Megan Bennett AKA Mrs. Baddog is a four time World and National Class Champion Cowboy Mounted Shooter.  Megan is the General Manager, nutrition guru, horse psychiatrists and primary horse trainer at Sunset Ranch Performance Horses and the Baddog Training Facility.  Megan brings a unique blend of experience to the horses under her care.  Her early experience was showing hunter/jumpers. While serving her country in the US Army she was stationed in Germany and delved into the world of Natural Horsemanship.  Megan is a level 4 Parelli student and considers herself a dedicated student of the horse.  She holds a degree in Equine Science and reads constantly looking for different and better ways to communicate with the horses.  Megan began shooting in 2010 and fell in love with the sport.  Megan now holds the 2010, 2011, 2013 and 2014 SASS World Championship title for her division.  SASS Western Nationals in 2012; and the ACMSA State Championship for 2011. In 2014 Megan begun her new career in 3 day Eventing just 5 days after winning the SASS World title on the same horse. Megan believes in cross training all the horses at Sunset Ranch to give them a well rounded and balanced experience.